Blumiere's Archive

Welcome to my archive!

This site is dedicated to saving old web layouts, made by various people, for people to use. A lot of old sites hosting them have gone down, sadly. :(

If you want to submit a site you found/made, or have any questions/bug reports, email me at!

Have fun looking around!

About the Layout

This site uses the layout "Rouge" by Harper. It can be found here, where I originally got it, but it's on this site (link TBA).

Update Log

11.18.2021 Site was made! It's an old (well, only from October 15th...) url I had originally intended for something else; but oh well, it never happened. So I figured I'd start this instead!

Archving old internet things is something I'm suuuper passionate about, as well as html sites, so this was a no-brainer, really.

Stay tuned for more updates, I guess?

- Blumiere

11.22.2021 Added all of the layouts from Lovely Designs, and I'll be away over Thanksgiving to visit my uncle & aunt so it'll probably be another week or so until the next big update.

- Blumiere

11.23.2021 It's a little past midnight but scratch that. I've got a couple pages up for Lovely Designs links, but I'll have to do more later. I'm tired ^_^

- Blumiere


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