This is a layout featuring Kairi from the game Kingdom Hearts. Please read all instructions and if you have any questions please email me @jadesama2002@yahoo.com Thanks!

//Files included//
-Kai.html (I-frame where the content goes)
-CSS File
-Read me file for general FAQ

1.Unzip the file that you downloaded
2.View all files then upload them to your server
3.Now take the Kai.html file and start editing the content as you wish (do not remove my name)
4.You will need to take out the url on the image files so they read kairiheart.jpg. No directlinking please
5.Now editing your links via the index page (Kairi.html) and your all set to go enjoy!

Just a few please do not direct link anything and do not claim this layout as yours. Stealing is a no-no. Keep all credits in place and enjoy the layout. :)

Layout byBella
Image fromHere
All character are copyright of there respective owners no infringment intended.